The Street Photography Guide for Berlin: The best Spots and Walks

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What are the best places for street photography in Berlin? The amazing Berlin photo walks? The cool photo spots in Berlin? I get these questions quite often, so I decided to write the street photography Berlin guide, that I would want to read. Here is a list of my favorite street photography spots in Berlin arranged in 7 walks. Do you wish for a guided tour? No problem, book me for a personal street photography workshop and let me show you the Berlin I love.

photography guide berlin street photography Martin U Waltz

After the the street photography walk section, you’ll find further recommendations for top street photography spots in Berlin and some service information for the photography geek like photography exhibitions, shops and where to print in Berlin.

7 street photography walks across Berlin

Safety: all places are color coded

Berlin is a fairly safe city. Contrary to some media reports, there are no “no-go-areas”. Yet as in all big cities there is a certain amount of crime and violence. Much will depend on your street smartness but there are – rarely- acts of random violence. Trust your gut feeling, if it feels unsafe, it probably is. The easiest way to increase your safety, team up, don’t go alone. Safety comes in numbers.

green: generally safe area – still keep your stuff tight, pickpockets are ubiquitous. 

orange: still safe but keep you eyes open

red: watch your back, be vigilant, particularly at night. teaming up is a good idea.

walk 1: government district, Mitte

best photography places berlin brandenburg gate Martin U Waltz

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

walk: central station – Washington Platz – along the river spree direction east – Paul Löbe Haus – Reichstag – Brandenburg gate

what to expect: modern architecture, tourists, travellers

best time: during day time, Brandenburg gate has excellent light at dawn and sunset

getting there: S-Bahn station “Brandenburger Tor” or S-Bahn station “Hauptbahnhof”

walk 2: Mitte

best photography places berlin alexanderplatz martin waltz

walk: S-Bahn station Friedrichstrasse -Georgenstrasse – museum’s island – Hackescher Markt – visit Hackesche Höfe and Haus Schwarzenberg – Neue Schönhauser Strasse – Münzstrasse – Alexanderplatz

what to expect: a mixed bag, the grungy but busy friedrichstrasse and alexanderplatz, the poetic museum’s island, hipster shopping and anything in between. outstandingly beautiful walk on summer evenings.

best time: day time and summer evenings

getting there: S-Bahn / U-Bahn station “Friedrichstrasse” or  “Alexanderplatz”

walk 3: Prenzlauer Berg

best photography spots prenzlauer berg Martin U Waltz

walk: U-Bahn station “Eberswalder Strasse” – Kastanienallee – Oderberger Strasse – Rykestrasse – visit Kulturbrauerei

what to expect: heavily gentrified neighbourhood, nice bars, clubs restaurants, very busy at night, excellent for night shots

best time: afternoon, evening and night

getting there: u bahn station “eberswalder strasse”

walk 4: along the canal, Kreuzberg Neukölln

best photography spots Martin U Waltz

walk: Kottbusser Tor – Reichenberger Strasse – Mariannenstrasse– Paul-Lincke Ufer – Maybachufer – Planufer – Admiralsbrücke

what to expect: kottbuser tor is easily the most notorious neighbourhood of berlin, you will find anything here, drug dealers and drug addicts, turkish immigrants, party people, artists, alternative lifestylers, tourists etc. kottbusser tor is quite active at night with a lot of bars and restaurants being open. As for the walk within some hundred meters the neighborhood changes into nice and gentrified.

Summer evenings people hang out at Admiralsbrücke. Great atmosphere. Oranienstrasse (close to Kottbusser Tor) is well worth a visit at night (bars, clubs, restaurants).

best time: day time and summer evenings

getting there: U-Bahn station “Kottbusser Tor”

walk 5: across the Spree, Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain

best street photography places berlin Martin U Waltz

walk: U-Bahn station Schlesisches Tor – Oberbaumbrücke – Warschauer Strasse– visit eastside  gallery– visit raw area (warschauer /corner revaler strasse)

what to expect: easily my favorite walk. magnificent vistas from oberbaunbrücke, breath-taking urban ugliness, terrific light at dawn and sunset, busy day and night, the raw area can be a bit rough, don’t go alone at night.

best time: afternoon till night

getting there: U-Bahn station “Schlesisches Tor or “Warschauer Strasse”

walk 6: the new Mitte

holocaust memorial berlin martin waltz street photography

walk: Potsdamer Platz – Leipziger platz – visit Mall of Berlin– Holocaust Memorial

what to expect: basically everything you’ll see is built after the unification of Berlin. Modern architecture, offices, shops, shopping centers, restaurants, bars cinemas. completely artificial yet buzzing with people. The mall of berlin offers an open gangway on the second floor, which allows for some interesting views

Potsdamer Platz has a huge underground area including an U-Bahn, train and S-Bahn station. The holocaust memorial is well worth a visit for many reasons. Street photography wise it is a challenging but rewarding terrain. Best bring some time and be patient.

best time: day time and early evenings.

getting there: U-Bahn / S-Bahn station  “Potsdamer Platz”

walk 7: West Berlin, Schöneberg – Charlottenburg

street photography berlin Martin U Waltz

walk: Wittenbergplatz – Tauentzienstrasse – Breitscheidplatz –  Zoo – Kurfürstendamm – Uhlandstrasse – Savignyplatz – Knesebackstrasse – Ernst-Reuter-Platz

what to expect: Modern and not so modern architecture, offices, shopping areas, bars, cafes, restaurants, galleries. Relaxed and laid back. This was the former center of west Berlin, today it is still going strong but the party is elsewhere.

best time: daytime, wonderful light in the evening

getting there: U-Bahn station”Wittenbergplatz” “Zoologischer Garten” or “Ernst-Reuter Platz”

more great street photography places in Berlin


1. Turkish market
when: tuesday and friday
best time: early afternoon
where: Maybachufer, Neukölln

2. Market at Boxhagener Platz
when: saturday and sunday
best time: late morning
where: Boxhagener Platz, Friedrichshain

3. Winterfeld Market
when: saturday
best time: late morning
where: Winterfeldplatz

4. Mauerpark
when: sunday
best time: early afternoon till sunset
where: Mauerpark, Prenzlauer berg
photography guide berlin street photography Martin U Waltz


tiergarten best locations street photography berlin Martin U Waltz
1. Tiergarten
2. Volkspark am Friedrichshain
3. Park am Gleisdreieck
4. Tempelhof Airfield (former airport)
street photography berlin Martin U Waltz

S-Bahn / U-Bahn stations

ostkreuz best locations street photography berlin Martin U Waltz
1. Ostkreuz
2. Südkreuz
3. Märkisches Museum
4. Fehrbelliner Platz
5. Alexanderplatz
6. Potsdamer Platz

And obviously there is more. If you feel adventurous explore Neukölln start with Hermannplatz and follow Sonnenallee or if you are looking for a berlin street photography experience without free of tourists and expat hipsters, you may want to try Rathaus Steglitz and follow Schlossstrassse up north.

Photography Exhibitions

There are at any time many photography related exhibitions in Berlin, photography in berlin lists them all.

good exhibition places are
Museum for Photography
CO Berlin
Camera Work

all of them within walking distance U / S-Bahn station “Zoologischer Garten”

Recommended Camera and Film Shops

Foto Meyer


Any drugstore (DM or Rossmann) will do prints, if you need high end prints go to viertel vor 8

To sum it up, these are my absolute favorites

the best 7 Street Photography Spots in Berlin

1. Alexanderplatz
2. Warschauer Strasse / Oberbaumbrücke
3. Holocaust Memorial
4. Mauerpark
5. Subway station “Eberswalder Strasse” area
6. Zoologischer Garten
7. Museum’s Island

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